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Knoxville skatepark

Knoxville Skatepark

Tips for Parents

The skatepark has become one of Knoxville's most popular public parks, and with that some items have come up that need attention. Parents we need your help to keep the skateparka safe and clean environment for the youth of knoxville. The following are a few rules that parents should know about before letting their sons and daughters come to the skatepark. The Knoxville Police Department will be patrolling the skatepark, writing tickets for not following the posted rules. Tickets will not only be issued to kids, but often, to the parents as well!

Everyone must wear a Helmet!

In the spring of this year, the city passed an ordinance that all skatepark participants, skaters, bikers, bladers, etc.EVERYONE MUST WEAR A HELMET, NO EXCEPTIONS! Not wearing a helmet will result in a $25 ticket with $75 in court costs making this a $100 ticket. Many parents have been dropping off their kids with no helmets or believing that this is an "optional" rule, or that this does not apply to their children. THIS IS WRONG! If your child is caught not wearing a helmet, you, as a parent maybe ticketed as well.

The skatepark is unsupervised!

There is no park attendant or adult supervision at the Knoxville Skatepark. It is not a good idea to "drop off" you kids at the skatepark and leave them unsupervised. This has been causing quite a few problems. Several kids have been hurt with no one to care for them until their parents return. Once dropped off some leave the park all together to wander around downtown. The skatepark is not a "babysitting service" and parents are expected to keep their children under control and obeying the rules. Several parents have already been cited by the Knoxville Police Department regarding this. Keep and eye on your Kids!!!


There no smoking at the Knoxville Skatepark. This has also be causing problems. Unsupervised kids smoking and giving cigarettes to other underage minors is not good. Parents should refrain from smoking inside the skatepark as well. Cigarette butts are littering up the skatepark, getting onto the skating surface, causing skateboard wheels to stop rolling and causing riders to get hurt. Lit cigarette butts can also cause fires and damage to the park amenities. If you must smoke, keep smoking to outside the skatepark area.

Thanks for helping us to keep the Knoxville Skatepark a clean and friendly environment for the youth of Knoxville.

---The Knoxville Skatepark Task Force