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Knoxville skatepark

Knoxville Skatepark


Open Streets Skate Demo
2:00-6:00 Sunday, May. 21th, 2017
Magnolia Ave., Knoxville TN

Open Streets Knoxville brings together community groups and local businesses, encouraging the use of active transportation and healthy livving, with a goal of giving residents an opportunity to rethink our streets as public space. 
On May 21st, Magnolia Ave. from Randolph St. to North Chestnut St. (with a small "L" loop onto East Depot Ave. and back) will be filled with people of all ages and abiliities. Participants will have the opportunity to walk, ride bikes, dance, and much more in the streets - all in a setting that is fun and safe! More info at http://


Grind for Life Contest - 2017
8:00-5:00 Saturday, June 10th, 2017
Knoxville Skatepark, Knoxville TN

Third Annual Grind For Life contest at the Knoxville Skatepark. More info at