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Knoxville skatepark

Knoxville Skatepark


Knoxville Skatepark Overview

The skatepark opened on Jan 31, 2008. Located in Tyson Park, near downtown Knoxville and the Universtiy of TN, the skatepark is a City of Knoxville and Knox County joint project. The skatepark Terrian consists of:

Plaza area: Banks, Ledges, Rails, Stairs, Jersey Barrier, Taco hip, and more.
Banked Bowl: 3'-4' round sections with spine, twinky, hips, and 5' bank bowl with square metal and rounded concrete lips.
Flow Bowl: 5'-8' sections with hips, corners, metal coping and a 3/4 pocket
Peanut Pool: 6' shallow end, 10.5' deep end, 9.5' transitions, 1' vert, concrete pool coping.

(Note: all meausuresments are guesstimates but are pretty close)