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Knoxville skatepark

Knoxville Skatepark

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it open?
8AM-11PM Daily, 7 days a week.

Are there lights?
Yes the park is lit. Light begin shutting off at 10:45 and shut completely off by 11:00.

Where is KSP located?
Tyson Park located at the bottom of the Cumberland Ave. Strip near UT Campus. The park will be located in the back of the park at the ball fields. Get Directions here

Does it cost anything?
The skatepark is a public park and is completely free.

Do we have to wear pads?
Helmet are mandatory. All other pads are recommended, but optional.

Does it have a street course or transitions and bowls?
You can check out the design of the park on the Design page. We are also raising funds for Phase II with more street rails, obstacles, and bowls.

How big is it?
The final designs came in at just about 15,000 square feet at the current time. We are in the fundraising process to get more concrete, and expand the street area so donate today!

Are bikes allowed?
Yes, Bikes are allowed, but peg covers are recommened. Bikes are not allowed in the pool.

The metal coping is grippy, should it be waxed ?
NO! We have been informed by the buliders that waxing the metal coping will actually make it more grippy. The wax works it's way into the small metal pits in the coping, causing the coping to corrode, making it slower. Extesive wax use will just make the coping worse.

How can I help raise money?
Please visit our Support page, with all of the items that businesses and individuals can purchase to help fund the park. We also often need volunteers for various fundraising events , if you are interested in getting more involved, please contact us.

What is
This web site is not run by any Knoxville City/Knox County Office/Dept. We are just some regular citizens who are helping out.